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Chip decryption failure reasons
SCM decryption failure of many reasons, there are human factors, but also the impact of objective environmental factors, etc., the following is a common cause of the failure of the single chip:
1.DECAP there is a possibility of failure (which accounts for the vast majority of the reason for the decryption failure):
A. over corrosion, PAD corrosion is bad, the external can not read the program
B. chip production process is not good, when the DECAP PASSVATION surface (corrosion passivation layer), the tube core effect, can not read the external program
C. when opening the cover of the PIN foot oxidation (acid to get the tube on the foot)
D. accidentally broke the line AL
E. microcontroller using special packaging materials, can not react with acid
F. tube core special package, not in the middle of the chip location, very easy to open (the figure is MCU by the 2 core components, usually called MCM)
E: chip package when there are impurities, unable to carry out chemical reactions.
The possibility of failure of 2.FIB:
A: chip production process is small, not to find the right seat
B:FIB connection is too long, the ion implantation failure
C: ion implantation strength is not well controlled
D:FIB equipment problems
E: some chip break, need to do a number of FIB in the same small area, or at the same time, do a number of FIB, then it is easy to FIB problems.
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