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EPM1270T144C5N  Break Mcu Attack Ic Copy Cpld Crack Ram
This section provides designers with the data sheet specifications for MAX® II devices.
The chapters contain feature definitions of the internal architecture, Joint Test Action
Group (JTAG) and in-system programmability (ISP) information, DC operating
conditions, AC timing parameters, and ordering information for MAX II devices.
This section includes the following chapters:
■ Chapter 1, Introduction
■ Chapter 2, MAX II Architecture
■ Chapter 3, JTAG and In-System Programmability
■ Chapter 4, Hot Socketing and Power-On Reset in MAX II Devices
■ Chapter 5, DC and Switching Characteristics
■ Chapter 6, Reference and Ordering Information
Refer to each chapter for its own specific revision history. For information about when
each chapter was updated, refer to the Chapter Revision Dates section, which appears
in the complete handbook.

EPM1270T144C5N  Break Mcu Attack Ic Copy Cpld Crack Ram

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