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EPC16UC88 Break Mcu Attack Ic Copy Cpld Crack Ram
EPC16UC88   Break Mcu Attack Ic Copy Cpld Crack Ram
■ Enhanced configuration devices include EPC4, EPC8, and EPC16
■ Single-chip configuration solution for Stratix® series, Cyclone™
series, APEX™ II, APEX 20K (including APEX 20K, APEX 20KC, and
APEX 20KE), Mercury™, ACEX® 1K, and FLEX® 10K (FLEX 10KE
and FLEX 10KA) devices
■ Contains 4-, 8-, and 16-Mbit flash memories for configuration data
● On-chip decompression feature almost doubles the effective
configuration density
■ Standard flash die and a controller die combined into single stacked
chip package
■ External flash interface supports parallel programming of flash and
external processor access to unused portions of memory
● Flash memory block/sector protection capability via external
flash interface
● Supported in EPC16 and EPC4 devices
■ Page mode support for remote and local reconfiguration with up to
eight configurations for the entire system
● Compatible with Stratix series Remote System Configuration
■ Supports byte-wide configuration mode fast passive parallel (FPP);
8-bit data output per DCLK cycle
■ Supports true n-bit concurrent configuration (n = 1, 2, 4, and 8) of
Altera FPGAs
■ Pin-selectable 2-ms or 100-ms power-on reset (POR) time
■ Configuration clock supports programmable input source and
frequency synthesis
● Multiple configuration clock sources supported (internal
oscillator and external clock input pin)
● External clock source with frequencies up to 133 MHz
● Internal oscillator defaults to 10 MHz; Programmable for higher
frequencies of 33, 50, and 66 MHz
● Clock synthesis supported via user programmable divide
■ Available in the 100-pin plastic quad flat pack (PQFP) and the 88-pin
Ultra FineLine BGA® packages
● Vertical migration between all devices supported in the 100-pin
PQFP package
■ Supply voltage of 3.3 V (core and I/O)

EPC16UC88   Break Mcu Attack Ic Copy Cpld Crack Ram
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