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DS1245 Break Mcu Attack Ic Copy Cpld Crack Ram
 DS1245  Break Mcu Attack Ic Copy Cpld Crack Ram
 10 years minimum data retention in the
absence of external power
 Data is automatically protected during power
 Replaces 128k x 8 volatile static RAM,
EEPROM or Flash memory
 Unlimited write cycles
 Low-power CMOS
 Read and write access times as fast as 70 ns
 Lithium energy source is electrically
disconnected to retain freshness until power is
applied for the first time
 Full ±10% VCC operating range (DS1245Y)
 Optional ±5% VCC operating range
 Optional industrial temperature range of
-40°C to +85°C, designated IND
 JEDEC standard 32-pin DIP package
 New PowerCap Module (PCM) package
- Directly surface-mountable module
- Replaceable snap-on PowerCap provides
lithium backup battery
- Standardized pinout for all nonvolatile
SRAM products
- Detachment feature on PowerCap allows
easy removal using a regular screwdriver

 DS1245  Break Mcu Attack Ic Copy Cpld Crack Ram
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